• Políticas e Administração Pública

“Frontiers in Performance Management in the Public Sector”


On March 28th, 2019 students of the Master's and Ph.D. from Program in Public Administration and Government and Professor Evan Berman, Professor of Public Management at the Victoria School of Wellington, New Zealand, discussed public sector performance management, effective practices, and knowledge frontiers.

Performance management in the public sector has become important to ensuring relevant and vibrant contributions to society. Applications are seen in such areas as economic and social development, and managers are increasingly expected to be using it.  This lecture gived a brief introduction of performance management, and then discussed effective practices and knowledge frontiers. Based on the authors’ research, cutting edge research and applications are provided from Asia (e.g., Indonesia, New Zealand), that promise relevance to other countries such as Brazil. Concluding thoughts are offered on opportunities for research in public sector performance and innovation.

Evan is one of the leading scholars with interests in public performance, public leadership, public sector human resource management, and comparative public administration. Evan received the Fred Riggs Award for Life Achievement in International and Comparative Public Administration (2015) and the prestigious Distinguished Research Award (2017) of the American Society of Public Administration (ASPA) and Public Policy, Affairs and Management School Network ( NASPAA). He has 15 books and more than 150 articles that have appeared in all major journals of the discipline.