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    22 mai 2023
    23 mai 2023
    09h00 até 17h30
    Administração Pública
    Local: Salão Nobre FGV EAESP
    Endereço: Rua Itapeva, 432 - 4th floor
    Data: 22/05/2023
    Horário: 09:00 até 17:30


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    Scope and Objectives

    With the sponsorship of Public Administration Review (PAR), FGV EAESP is organizing a symposium to convene scholars from around the world to discuss the growing importance of international collaboration to advance the knowledge and practice of public administration. Knowledge flows in public administration are
    increasingly globalized, but the literature is scarce on understanding and theorizing how public administration knowledge travels across borders and supports the development of new public sector practices in specific contexts and results on the ground. The event will be open to the public without fees and will be offered in English only. We expect to have around 30 participants in each session below.

    The time is for the application of extant and fresh perspectives to this problem. Perspectives from both inside and outside the discipline are welcome that expand understanding and theorizing of public administration knowledge travels and is adapted to new practices in jurisdictions. For example, collaborative
    governance in PA have been influential in the literature (e.g., Ansell and Gash 2008; Morse 2011; Amsler, 2016). Studies discuss collaboration as a source of knowledge (Gerlak and Heikkila, 2021) shaping transformative innovation in the public sector (Zambrano-Guitierrez and Puppim de Oliveira, 2022), but they often focus on local contexts, only; these frameworks could be expanded to better understand the international context. Studies on climate change add additional concepts relating to transnational municipal networks and joint international efforts (Heikkinen et al., 2021; Picavet et al., 2022). Other concepts that
    could help expand extant frameworks include the role of associations and philanthropy promoting new causes and standards, international diffusion/convergence of effective practices and technology, the rise of new global concerns (e.g., equity) and more

    This symposium contributes to advancing understanding of the public administration knowledge in global context and its support of new public sector practices in specific contexts. The symposium welcomes a diversity of methodological approaches. The research should be grounded in public administration literature, and contributions draw on other fields. Specifically, topics covered by this symposium include the following (but not limited to):
    - Learning by and among public sector participants in international networks
    - Networks in advancing public administration agendas and collaborations around the world
    - Roles of leaders and staff bringing international knowledge to public organizations
    - Challenges of adapting international practices (e.g., requiring mission change)
    - The role of academia in bridging international collaboration and diffusion
    - Citizen and bottom-up demands for change driven by global concerns
    - Context in international transnational administration
    - The role of international organizations in knowledge sharing and norm-setting in public administration

    Editorial Process and Symposium:

    Papers presented at the symposium will be considered for publication in a Public Administration Review (PAR) symposium.  Public Administration Review (PAR) will have the right of first refusal to consider manuscripts presented at the conference.  Authors are expected to use the feedback received at the
    conference in Sao Paulo to revise the paper.  Guest editors will provide further developmental feedback for authors to incorporate and invite a formal submission to PAR’s editorial system by June 30, 2023. Manuscripts submitted to PAR’s editorial system will then undergo the manuscript’s rigorous double-blind review process overseen by PAR’s Editor-in-Chief. Contributions must meet rigorous standards of the journal regarding knowledge contribution and methods. The goal is to publish a PAR symposium in 2024.

    Please find the agenda attached below. 

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Administração Pública
Localização: Salão Nobre FGV EAESP
Endereço: Rua Itapeva, 432 - 4th floor
Data: 22/05/2023 até 23/05/2023
Horário: 09:00 até 17:30

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