Originalmy: decentralising notary and authenticity services with blockchain-based technology

Julho, 2019


Mestrado Profissional em Gestão para Competitividade - Tecnologia da Informação


Blockchain is the century’s most notable technological innovation that is reshaping all industries. Its potential is boundless. Notwithstanding, the technology needs to achieve maturity and address critical problems to generate real business value. Consequently, blockchain-based new ventures have been dealing with high-technology associated pressures to enter this modern market. Most of them are still in the platform proliferation stage, struggling to face serious blockchain regulation challenges. However, there are successful cases in which wise strategic choices allowed companies to overcome the challenges and leverage their business successfully. Therefore, I designed this Teaching Case with Teaching Notes to approachthe scenario of OriginalMy, which is a Brazilian born blockchain-based new venture aimingto decentralise notary and authenticity contributing to reduce excessive bureaucracy and eventually restrain corruption that is relatively common not only in their country but all over the world. To do so, the CEO and his team will have to strive against unpredictable and unfavourable situations to raise capital to fund their business. And through a complex decision-making process which encompasses the proper configuration of high-technology market entry and the inherent pressures of this kind of entrepreneurship, supported by the strategies and alliances that entrepreneurs can enact to address them; they will seek to establish their business amid such challenges and uncertainties concerning blockchain technology.This teaching case applies in undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Administration, Public and Business.

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