Movile: Sustaining an Innovative Culture on a Global Scale

Maio, 2018

Movile is a global Brazilian company operating in the mobile market, developing and marketing apps in the O2O (online to offline) segment. From its humble beginnings, in 1998, as a startup from Campinas, it rose to world leadership in at least one segment, with the PlayKids app, providing content to children under nine years. After many mergers and acquisitions, it now operates in four main segments: content creation and distribution; food online ordering and delivery; movies, theaters and show tickets booking; and logistics intermediation. In the Brazilian market, it is the undisputable leader in the food online ordering and delivery segment: its iFood app has 80% of the market. Movile has offices in six countries in the Americas, including one in Silicon Valley in the United States, and has plans to expand to all continents. Fabricio Bloisi, the company’s founder and CEO, is behind the company’s business model and culture, combining the Brazilian passion with the result-oriented and high-tech mindset of the Silicon Valley. In this chapter, we outline the company’s history, its innovative culture embedded in its business model and its future challenges.

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