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Use of digital devices in Brazil exceeds 400 million units


Survey is from FGV's reference center in IT, which portrayed the information technology market in the country

Computer, notebook, tablet and smartphone are among the 424 million digital devices used in Brazil today. The data are from the 31st Annual Survey of the Applied Information Technology Center (FGVcia) of the São Paulo School of Business Administration of Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV EAESP). The study traced the current picture of the Information Technology market. It points out that in Brazil, in the United States and in the world, four cell phones are sold for every television and one television for every computer.

The results measure the importance of technology and show the Digital Transformation process of companies and society, in the evaluation of Fernando Meirelles, study coordinator and professor at FGV EAESP. He adds that 190 million computers (desktop, notebook and tablet) are being used in the country. "This volume corresponds to 9 computers for every 10 inhabitants, 90% per capita", he says.

The annual sale of computers was 12 million (-3%) in 2019, the same volume of 2016 and 2017, half of the peak of 2013, which, according to Meirelles, shows an increase in the use and sales of computers at a time when home office work is growing because of the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic.

FGVcia's survey points out that more than 1 smartphone is used per inhabitant in Brazil, a country that has 234 million cell phones of this type. This technology added to notebooks and tablets represents 342 million portable devices in use in June 2020, that is, 1.6 portable devices per inhabitant.

Technology is a concern for companies, which have grown to 8% of their revenues from IT spending and investment, Meirelles highlights. “The annual cost of IT per user reached R$ 52 thousand. These are the expenses and investments in IT in 2019, divided by the number of users of the company, without scale economies, it grows with the size of the company ”, he explains.

FGVcia's research had a sample of 2,622 medium and large companies to carry out the survey.


Check out the presentation and report of the 31st FGVcia’s Annual Survey by FGV EAESP.

See the repercussions of the study on the FGV Portal and on the Monitor Mercantil website.


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