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Coronavirus affects the longevity of companies in Brazil

Imagem de células, representando o COVID-19

PhDs from FGV EAESP tells Estadão what to do now to keep businesses active until after the pandemic

The restrictive measures adopted by governments around the world to minimize the spread of coronavirus and thus save lives, affect the routine of the population, who need to stay at home to not have contact with people and run the risk of transmitting the virus or being infected by it.

With restricted circulation of people and closing of services considered non-essentials, businesses suffer with loss of revenue due to decrease in sales, which impacts the entire production chain.

Companies face reduced demand during Covid-19 and need to make assertive decisions to ensure the survival of economic activity. The Coordinator of the Center of Excellence in Logistics and Supply Chain (FGVcelog), Priscila Laczynski de Souza Miguel, who is also a Master and Doctor in Business Administration, as well as a Professor in the Operations Management Department at the School of Business Administration of São Paulo from Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV EAESP), talks about the subject with Estadão, together with Cristiane Biazzin, who is a Master and Doctor in Business Administration from FGV EAESP, Post-doctor in Production Engineering from the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCAR) and Professor of the Global Supply Chain Management line at Northern Kentucky University (NKU), in the USA.

According to them, it is necessary to think:

  1. about the supplier, identifying their vulnerabilities and how to support them;
  2. about the customer, as suppliers need to develop a medium-term service strategy;
  3. in the long-term relationship between purchasing companies and suppliers to guarantee the longevity of the business;
  4. of strategies to minimize the impact of the pandemic on the organization;
  5. about suppliers and potential customers and, also, in possible partnerships with competitors to guarantee economic activity;
  6. about keeping talents on the team for the company's success.


The details of each of these steps and the discussion on the topic are at the source, the Blog Gestão Política e Sociedade do Estadão, where you may learn all about the six tips on what to do now to keep businesses active until after the pandemic .


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