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Companies and teams need leadership that adjusts to the pandemic scenario


Leading teams in a didactic, understandable and doable way, is what is expected from leaders in order to progress with the ongoing work in times of pandemic and tension, says professor at FGV EAESP

The increase in stress levels at a time when the world is facing a pandemic is natural. A series of changes and new situations happened in people's lives and they had to adapt to the current scenario. Staying at home and staying in isolation became the rule for general well-being.

In the business world, the home office has been incorporated into the routine of several companies, bringing challenges to managers and teams, who found themselves in the position to handle the work activities while in the home environment, without the usual contact with the professionals on their team. So that the recent work modality functions, leaders need to use strategies adapted to the present context.

FGV EAESP professor Luiz Carlos Cabrera argues that we need ‘situational leadership’, conceptualized by Paul Hersey as a style of leadership that suits the moment. From this perspective, the leader informing the team that from now on they will work from home does not mean that it will work.

It is necessary to establish clear rules, define office hours and break times, in addition to determining the work processes and which technologies will be used. The best way for leadership to act at this time is to lead by guiding teams in a didactic, understandable and doable way. This is essential because we don't react like adults and we need clear paths when we are under stress, the professor explains.

Read more about the topic in the article by Luiz Carlos Cabrera published in Info4.


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