International Competitiveness

Master Session: Mastering culture for impactful global leadership


Classroom 702 - FGV EAESP.


Street Itapeva, 432, 7º floor. Bela Vista, São Paulo.

Event Date

December 4, 2019 - 19:30 to 21:00


19:30 to 21:00


Discuss how leaders can successfully drive their global business action strategies that involve professionals from different cultures.


Given the increasing cultural diversity of customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders in a truly global marketplace, cultural sensitivity has become a critical skill for leaders to successfully drive their strategies. Building cultural awareness and taking timely action to bridge gaps is fundamental. Please, join us in this interactive session to hear real-life examples of success and failure from a global business executive.

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Murat Akyildiz - Prometeon Tire Group
Murat Akyildiz is the CEO of Prometeon Tyre Group for the Americas region. Prometeon is a recent spin-off from Pirelli that designs, manufactures and distributes commercial tyres under the Pirelli brand. Prior to joining Pirelli/Prometeon 4 years ago, Murat (who is Turkish by birth) worked in Procter & Gamble for 22 years, across 7 different countries.



  • 19:30
    Lecture: Mastering Culture for Impactful Global Leadership
    Panelist: Murat Akyildiz
  • 20:30
    OneMBA information session
    Panelist: Prof. Jorge Carneiro - Academic Director