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Study discusses gender diversity on boards of directors


Discussing the importance of female presence on company boards of directors is the focus of an article published in GV Executive Magazine by Deborah Patricia Wright. Advisor to Banco Santander and the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance, she highlights the positive impacts in terms of ethics, sustainability, innovation, financial performance and the benefits of this diversity. 

There is still no definitive conclusion about the superiority of women or men in leadership positions, but the research emphasizes the need to increase female representation on boards. 

Research shows that gender diversity has a tangible positive impact on the financial performance of organizations. Evidence shows that companies with a higher proportion of women in leadership positions tend to have better financial results. Furthermore, their presence on boards promotes a culture of collaboration, innovation and more effective leadership. 

Despite progress, the article highlights that there is still a long way to go to achieve adequate female representation. Initiatives such as women's networks, mentoring programs and diversity advocates are emerging to boost female presence. Additionally, some regions have implemented quotas for women on boards as a way to accelerate progress. 

The study concludes that gender diversity on boards is essential for effective corporate governance and management. The presence of women not only improves decision-making, but also contributes to a more inclusive and innovative culture, resulting in a healthier work environment and better financial results. 

Debora highlights that “the strengthening of women on boards also contributes to knowledge and the generation of value, as the basis of the entire successful innovation process is cognitive diversity or the plurality of experiences and visions.” 

To access the full article, read the website .

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