Professional Opportunities

CECOP (Internship and Professional Placement Coordination Office) is the area responsible for promoting job openings for EAESP (Business Administration School of São Paulo) for current and alumni.


The opportunities can be seen on our academic intranet page or on school bulletin boards. CECOP Carreira/Oportunidades Profissionais


Companies interested in promoting their job openings must fill out the form below, according to company type and submit the form via email to:

Job Position Request Form – Companies (Promoting positions for the company itself)

Job Position Request Form – HR Consulting Firms (Promoting positions for their clients)


  • Target Audience

We will only promote internship, trainee and job positions that are directed to current and former Business Administration School of São Paulo students:       


  • CGA  Undergraduate Course in Administration
  • CGAP Undergraduate Course in Public Administration.


Graduate Courses

  • CEAG Business Administration Specialization Course for graduates
  • CEAHS Hospital and Health Systems Management Specialization Course
  • CMCD Academic Masters and PhD
  • MBM Master in Business and Management
  • MPA Professional Masters Course in Administration
  • MPGI Professional Masters Program in International Management
  • MPGPP Professional Masters Program in Management and Public Policies
  • OneMBA

EAESP does not have any nighttime undergraduate courses. Students study full time in the Business Administration course until the 5th semester.  As from the 6th semester students may take internships in the afternoon period.

Filling job positions

The company must fill out ALL information requested in the Job Position Request Form.

Announcements sent by HR Consulting Firms will only be published if the Client Company Profile is complete. The same applies if client name is confidential. For those specific cases, consulting firm must check the Confidential Posting field so that client name is not shown on posting.

  • Confidential Announcement

In case the hiring company name cannot be disclosed, the field Confidential Announcement must be filled out with a description of the segment, size or company origin, which must be published in the announcement.

Ex.: Brazilian mid-size company in the Pharmaceutical industry.

  • Submitting Job Position Request Form

All opportunities must be sent to the e-mail:

CECOP will be responsible for approving and posting the position.

  • Posting the position

After job position is approved, CECOP will post the announcement on the academic intranet in up to 03 business days after receipt.  A confirmation message of the job post will be sent the company contact email.

  • Posting validity date

The posting validity date will be one month (30 days) maximum, after that period the posting is automatically deleted from the academic intranet.

  • Change to posting information

Any changes must be sent to the e-mail:

  • Removal of postings before validity date

The company must send a request to the email:

  • Signs*

Up to 05 signs “A3” size must be sent to the care of CECOP.

Address: Av. Nove de Julho, 2029 2º andar – Bela Vista – São Paulo - 01313.902

* Sending signs is not mandatory.


Phone #: 3799.7823 / 3799.7912


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