Programa Institucional de Bolsas de Iniciação Científica (PIBIC)

Types of scholarships

Refundable scholarship

Courses attended:

All Undergraduate (Business Administration and Public Administration) and Graduate, upon request and proof of need.

Undergraduate Students:

The refundable scholarships are applicable for students approved in the National Selection Process, both through the entrance examination (Vestibular) and through Enem.

How it works:

FGV EAESP grants scholarship financing with mandatory interest-free reimbursement, restated by the IGP-M variation, in the following modalities:

  • Scholarship (from 20 to 100% of the school monthly fee);
  • School Supplies Grant: semiannual assistance to purchase books and school supplies;
  • Food Grant: semiannual assistance for food aid;
  • Housing Grant: semiannual assistance for students with great economic difficulty residing outside the city of Sao Paulo;
  • Transportation Grant: semiannual assistance for students with great economic difficulty residing outside the city of Sao Paulo;


The approval of the Undergraduate student's request to participate in the Refundable Scholarship granted by the FGV EAESP Scholarship Fund* depends on the financial availability in each semester, the number of requests and the percentages requested.

*The FGV EAESP Scholarship Fund consists of donations from companies and individuals. There is no relationship with Fies.

Conditions for maintaining the scholarship:

  • Accumulated general average greater than or equal to six (6.00);
  • Conduct compliant with academic standards.


Attention: The scholarship does not automatically cover the financing of additional credits taken due to failure (retaking a failed subject) or taking time off from college.


For Undergraduate students, the refund of the amounts to the FGV EAESP Scholarship Funds begins to take place one year after the graduation date. The refund will be made during:

Daytime undergraduate course: 4 years;

Nighttime undergraduate course: 5 or 8 years, according to the socioeconomic profile of the student.

Graduate Students:

The FGV EAESP Scholarship Fund offers scholarships of up to 50% of the monthly fee. The reimbursement is made by the student immediately after the course ends.


Non-refundable scholarship

Courses attended: All Undergraduate (Business Administration and Public Administration) upon request and proof of need. Master's and Academic PhD students are also attended.

1) Scholarships for students with economic difficulty: applicable to students approved in the National Selection Process, both through the entrance examination (Vestibular) and through Enem.

The scholarship is awarded for the 8 semesters scheduled for payment of the 240 credits that make up the curriculum. The selection is made based on the following criteria:

  • Proven financial need;
  • Performance in the selection process.
  • Conditions for maintaining the scholarship:
  • Accumulated general average greater than or equal to seven (7.00);
  • Conduct compliant with academic standards;
  • Uninterrupted completion of the course, except in the following cases:
    - Student exchange promoted by a program supported by FGV EAESP, with a maximum duration of one academic year;

- Summons to provide service to the Brazilian nation.

Continuity of financial need throughout the course period.

Attention: Failure to meet all these requirements implies the definitive loss of the scholarship.


Additional information:

Scholarships by economic necessity include school fees (40% of the monthly fee) in case of exchange for one semester;

Students who are already in the Undergraduate course cannot apply for scholarships of economic necessity in case of re-entry in the course by means of the realization of a new selective process.

2) Diversity and talent


FGV EAESP may grant other types of non-refundable scholarships, considering criteria such as diversity and talent, as well as others defined by the institution itself. The number of non-refundable scholarships varies from semester to semester. There are a large number of non-refundable scholarships to attend master's and PhD students, with full dedication to research.


More information

For Undergraduate course: +55 11 3799-7777 or contact us.

For Graduate course: +55 11 3799-3488 or contact us

Doadores do Fundo de Bolsas

Veja a lista de empresas que apoiam o Fundo de Bolsas:

Natural Persons:
  1. Adriana Parnes and Paula Parnes
  2. Heloisa Cecco and Nilo Cecco
  3. Luiz Fernando Rocha from Sá Moreira - in memorian
  4. Rachel Pizão - in memorian
  5. Roberto Quiroga

I chose to do the DBA at EAESP because it gives me access to the state of the art management knowledge. The discovery of new perspectives and the learning of research methodologies have been essential to my goal of applied knowledge production.

Sandro Magalhães Manteiga
Main Expert, global consulting company

DBA combines the rigor of the academic doctorate with EAESP’s teaching excellence and the flexibility I need to reconcile my academic and professional life.

Alessandra Ginante
Chief Talent Officer, technology company, United States

The Doctorate in Business Administration allows me to balance my academic development with my corporate career. Resolving business issues must be underpinned by scientific research, which helps create solutions that can be applied to business.

Rafael Dan Schur
Partner, global consulting firm

The Doctorate in Business Administration is an opportunity to acquire and share knowledge. This is due to the well-planned combination of the course’s format and content, which provides room for empirical perspectives shared by students without giving up its academic quality.

Aron Belinky
Managing partner, sustainability consulting firm

By taking part in the Doctorate in Business Administration program, I can use great research resources to access scientific texts and papers. I can also share experiences with professionals in various areas and sectors, discussing contemporary topics that affect our organizations.

Shirley Meschke Mendes Franklin de Oliveira
Legal director, Brazil and rest of South America, pharmaceutical company

The Doctorate in Business Administration is a contemporary proposal that is focused on applied research and academic excellence.


Alcindo Costa Canto Neto
Executive director, financial sector

After getting an undergraduate degree in sociology and working in management, I was looking for a way to integrate these two perspectives. And that’s what I found in the Doctorate in Business Administration. My classmates form a group with very rich experiences, made up of mature, serious people, offering unique fellowship.

Fabiano Monetti
Turnaround project manager, consulting firm

I entered the Doctorate in Business Administration program in order to apply the latest business administration concepts at my startup and due to the possibility of becoming involved in an environment that stimulates information exchange with classmates and professors.

Guilherme Luiz Susteras
Managing partner, energy startup

FGV EAESP was a pioneer in the internationalization process at Brazilian schools. It now has active partnerships, double degree schemes and exchange programs with more than 100 excellent business schools on five continents.

Tales Andreassi
Vice Dean, FGV EAESP

As well as being a world-class school, FGV EAESP is a complete school, offering programs from undergraduate to doctorate level, covering both professional and academic areas of focus.

Luiz Artur Ledur Brito

I think that the world is getting smaller all the time and we need to prepare, do business with all countries and meet people from everywhere. My idea is to leave the world a better place. That’s my great dream.

Lucas Djin
Intern at FGV Consulting Club and undergraduate student in Business Administration at FGV EAESP

Success is not related to how much money you make, but the number of people you will impact. Doing an internship in another country adds a lot of value and a lot of weight to your experience.

Pedro Henrique Berto
Undergraduate student in Public Administration at FGV EAESP

OneMBA has boosted my career and contributed to my education as an executive.

Fernando Lopes
OneMBA alumnus

The strategies I started to construct following the course have greatly helped my career.

Márcio Portella Daniel
CEAG alumnus and head of KitchenAid Brasil

The course presents a sophisticated vision and market trends that I hadn’t perceived before.

Dylcio José Porto
CEO and co-owner of Arapaima Brazil and MPA student

MPGPP uses theory to make changes in practice. Public policies have these two sides.

Marcela Bauer
MPGPP alumnus

The course has made me better able to combine academic knowledge, relationships and practice.

Maria Lúcia Capelo
Superintendent of Edmundo Vasconcelos Hospital Complex and MPGC Health Management student

FGV EAESP represents the tradition of innovating and always being at the cutting edge.

Karen Facio
Latin American purchasing manufacturing manager for a tire brand and MPGC in Supply Chain student

The master’s course features current content and allows me to tackle the IT area in a strategic way.

Ronaldo Becklas
Executive director of projects at B&B Serviços de Informação and MPGC in IT student

It is very normal that after a whole day of classes, a professional challenge arises and everything that you saw that day makes a lot of sense in the proposal that you will present to your client. The master’s gave me much more confidence.

Fernanda Ferraz
Founding partner of sustainability consulting firm Samaúma and MPGC in Sustainability student

Here I have contact with advanced thinking and the latest developments in finance.

Emerson Macedo
PwC Brasil partner and MPGC in Finance and Controllership student

It is an international course with a more open perspective. I would recommend FGV EAESP because it is a world leader. The school is well known worldwide, so it will help you to find a job in any country where you want to work.

Leonardo Bernini
MPGI alumnus

I think that business schools face a very big challenge in terms of educating a generation of leaders in the new business environment. Doing the MBM here at FGV EAESP has helped me a lot in my professional performance.

Lucas Marquiori
Financial market professional and master in business and management student

My company began as a project here in one of FGV EAESP’s classrooms. I started a tech company and it is incredible to know that the school supports innovative projects over time.

Rafael Belmonte
Founding partner of, who has an undergraduate degree in business administration from FGV EAESP

All the ecosystems in which FGV EAESP is inserted stimulate innovation. I want to leave my legacy by having a business that is intelligent, innovative and sustainable.

Anna Lana
Intern at Banco Neon and business administration undergraduate student at FGV EAESP

A faculty that gives you a repertoire and opens up doors is important, and I know that EAESP greatly helped me to reach my current position.

Paula Lindenberg
Vice president of marketing at Ambev, who has an undergraduate degree in business administration from FGV EAESP

For you to develop an innovative business model, the broader your repertoire, the better. FGV EAESP has had an enormous influence on my career and way of thinking.

Frederico Trajano
CEO of Magazine Luiza, who has an undergraduate degree in business administration from FGV EAESP

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