Internships and Professional Placement


The Career Center has the mission of servicing and counseling current and former undergraduate and graduate students according to their professional development objectives.

Main Activities

Corporate Relations

Information on trainee, internships and full time job positions

Career Meeting – recruitment trade show

Organization of recruitment lectures

Coordination of round tables with alumni

Internship Management

Internship records and documentation

Developing reports

Research with students

Research with alumni

Professional Guidance

Career workshops – competencies, résumés, group dynamics, interviews

Individual counseling for FGV/EAESP students and alumni

Individual counseling for exchange students

Mentoring program for undergraduate students


Renato Guimarães Ferreira                Coordinator

Cecília Noronha Santos                     Supervisor -

Cássia Lupetti Pianta                        Student service -

Daniela Araújo Souza                        Student service -

Danielle Rosas                                 Company service/job postings -

Thais Assis Silva                             Student service -


Av. Nove de Julho, 2029- 2º andar – Prédio Nove de Julho – 01313-902

Operating Hours From Mon thru Fri, from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Phone # (+5511) 3799-7823 and (+5511) 3799-7912