GV Scholarship Fund

When students are good and committed to their career, the lack of financial resources was never and will never be a hurdle for one to take an undergraduate course in Business Administration at FGV. FGV/EAESP is proud to state that, throughout its entire history, no students had to interrupt their undergraduate studies for financial reasons. In order for that to happen, FGV/EAESP has maintained a Scholarship Fund since 1965, being the pioneer in student loans in Brazil.

The FGV/EAESP Scholarship Fund has already granted 19,500 scholarships and financed students that can provide proof of the need for financial aid. Student loans, with mandatory repayment, free of interest, can take place thanks to the cooperation of companies and individuals (students, alumni, former scholarship holders, professors and employees) by means of the repayment itself, corrected by the IGP-M variation, from former scholarship holders. Currently approximately 20% of the undergraduate students in Business Administration are serviced by the program.

How it works
The funding request is semi-annual, and it may be requested by students when enrolling or during the course. The criterion of analysis is just based on economic and financial reasons.

Based on the principle that students graduate in four years, FGV grants a grace period of one year so students can adapt to the labor market and begin to provision the repayment amount.

The loan payment, financed amount corrected by the FGV IGP-M index, begins as from the fifth year after starting School, in semi-annual installments (due on February 28 or August 30).

Types of Scholarships:

· Reimbursable scholarship
a) Scolarship (20% to 100% of the monthly tuition payment amount)
b) School Supplies Scholarship (semi-annual assistance for the purchase of books and school supplies)
c) Meal Scholarship (semi-annual aid for meals)
d) Housing Scholarship (semi-annual aid for students that live outside the São Paulo city area)
e) Transportation Scholarship (same as above)

· Non-reimbursable scholarship
a) Merit Scolarship – Merit scholarships for the first 10 (ten) students ranked in the Admission Test
b) Scolarship for students with economic needs

Courses Served

  • Business Administration Undergraduate Course
  • Undergraduate Course in Public Administration.
  • International Programs with Partner Schools
  • Professional Masters Course in Business Administration
  • Professional Masters Program in International Management
  • Professional Masters Program in Management and Public Policies
  • Masters and PhD in Business Administration – the students in these courses can also try for a Masters and PhD Scholarship from the CNPq – check out the details on the course-specific pages.
  • Masters and PhD in Public Administration – the students in these courses can also try for a Masters and PhD Scholarship from the CNPq – check out the details on the course-specific pages.
  • OneMBA

For further information, please see the Instructions to Obtain Funding (PDF), contact us at (+5511) 3799-7786 or send us an e-mail.

Please visit the General Information page for information on the course syllabus, program, course prices and approval criteria.

For information about the Admission Test, click here.

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