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FGV EAESP offers some online services to facilitate students' access to information and other day to day academic needs. By clicking on the icons on the side, the student will be able to check their class schedule and credit control, subject grades, required and supplementary reading content, financial control, remission of slips, password reset, printing services, library, among others.

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Career Centers

The Career Center promotes professional opportunities, oversees internships and mentors undergraduate, graduate and exchange students in pursuit of their educational and professional development goals.

Main activities:

  • Registration and documentation of internships;
  • Employability and remuneration surveys with students and graduates;
  • Career Orientation;
  • Mentoring program for undergraduate students;
  • Disclosure of internship, trainee and job opportunities;
  • Events related to employability:
  • Career Meeting (Recruitment Fair); Career Week; Recruitment lectures; Career Workshops.


Opportunities are available on our page on the academic intranet or on school murals.

Where we are: Av. Nove de Julho, 2029 - 2nd floor.

Office hours: Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Contacts: 11 3799-7823 / 7912 |


A global school in Latin America

With more than 100 renowned partner institutions in the Americas, Asia, Europe, Africa and Oceania, the doors are open for academic and professional experiences across the world. FGV EAESP is a global business school that sends and receives students across the world, located in Brazil’s financial center.
Double degree

As well as counting on FGV EAESP’s international recognition, you can obtain a second diploma at a partner university abroad, besides doing exchange and immersion programs.

Strategic alliances

Since 1976, FGV EAESP has been a member of leading international networks of business and administration schools, such as GNAM, COBS, CEMS, PIM, IPBS, GPPN, Sumaq, PRME and EMBAC.

Stand out in the world

Structured education programs involving FGV EAESP and partner schools provide academic and professional opportunities abroad, as well as differentiation in the job market.


FGV EAESP grants scholarships (refundable and non-refundable) to assist students who have a proven need for financial aid for their undergraduate and graduate courses.

Research Initiation Program (PIP)

The Research Initiation Program (PIP) is for FGV undergraduate students interested in pursuing an academic career or incorporating deeper knowledge of scientific research into their future professional activities.

Entidades estudantis

FGV Athletics

Atlética FGV is responsible for sports training for all students of the institution. Assisting over 300 athletes and 15 coaches with structures that include sports and events.

Academic Directory Getulio Vargas (DA)

DA was founded in 1956 with the goal of ensuring student welfare and enriching the university experience by fostering student citizens and future leaders. It is considered one of the most structured DAs in Brazil.


Largest international leadership development platform, AIESEC trains young leaders through professional and volunteer exchange programs and membership experiences. Its participants develop leadership skills through management and teamwork experiences in Brazil and abroad.

Public Junior Consulting (JP)

Founded in 1994, JP Consulting develops management consulting projects for the first and third sectors. Its objective is to promote innovative solutions for the public and social areas, with impact on society and development of its members.

Social Connection

Challenged to promote social responsibility through impactful actions in different realities, Social Connection is the FGV entity that develops a socially responsible attitude in the students, so that they embrace these values ​​and attitudes when they become the future leaders in the corporate universe.

FGV Cram Course

FGV Cram Course is a non-profit project created by undergraduate students for low-income students who wish to join FGV. The course is free, takes place on Saturdays at the Foundation itself, and has sponsors and supporters.

Junior Company (EJ)

EJ is FGV's strategic consultancy that assists the growth of its entrepreneurial clients and the development of its members.

Technological Incubator of Popular Cooperatives (ITCP FGV)

Based on the concepts of Solidarity Economy, Self-Management and Local Development, ITCP FGV acts with two main objectives: to support projects with great potential of impact, until they become independent, in addition to developing and empowering the entity's own members.

Junior HR

Junior HR is a strategic consultancy specializing in people management, formed by the 4 undergraduate courses at FGV SP and Mackenzie's Psychology course. Its acting model assumes that people lead, motivate, inspire and build the best path to achieve goals in organizations.

Pro-Health FGV


Pro-Health is a program focused on students well-being in their formative period, acting on two fronts: Institutional Welfare Policy and Individual Care.

The program offers support and participation in joint actions with student entities or Foundation services in favor of dialogue on conflict issues. In addition, it also provides individual support to students during their formative period, in view of the various demands during this phase of life.

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Get to know our program aimed at FGV EAESP alumni and teachers, which aims to foster relationships and generate benefits for all members of this network.

Join this permanent channel with the School and other students who took one of our courses.

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