Department of Public Management

The Public Management Department (GEP) was created in 2009, consolidating historical activities of FGV EAESP for the training of public managers and production of high quality research on management and public policy issues.

The role of the GEP is to select, assemble and organize pathways of professors and researchers that make up the courses: Graduation in Public Administration; Master's and Doctorate in Public Administration and Government; Professional Master’s in Public Policy Management (MPGPP).

Together, the courses have around 600 students each year. It is the main centre that educates Brazil's public management, with success in the placing of professionals in government, the third sector, foundations and corporate institutes, international organizations, national and foreign consultancies, universities and research institutions.

There are three major areas at GEP: Politics and Society involves a group of researchers working on the political system, local government and inter-governmental relations, control and accountability, social movements, diversity and development strategies; Public Management deals with state reform and modernization, planning, public finance, public organization management (institutional design, processes and people management) and international organizations, management of public and third sector services, connections between private social investment and public administration; Public Policy encompasses government policies which defend rights and combat inequalities, education, health, public security and urban policies.

The combination of a more structured conception of Politics and Society with fields of Management and Public Policies is GEP’s greatest distinction. There is much contact and interchange between the department’s researchers and other FGV areas and schools, strengthening its interdisciplinary character in search of diagnoses and solutions for Brazilian development.

Teachers of Department of Public Management

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