Marketing Department

The Marketing Department (MCD) has been a pioneer in marketing education and research in Brazil since the 1950s, when it created the first courses and publications on the topic in the country. Brazil’s first journal specifically about business administration, the Journal of Business Management, was launched by MCD in 1961.

MCD’s education and research encompasses areas such as marketing management (strategies and tactics); marketing, technology, culture and consumption; and marketing analytics and consumers’ behavior from a transformative perspective. Our department has been growing with the goal of leveraging marketing’s role within organizations and society.

We have around 30 professors who are dedicated to education and research in various areas of marketing, expanding our customers’ conceptual, methodological and applied repertoire and exercising their capacity for innovation, critical vision and achievement.

We work to prepare citizens to have a major impact on business, academia and society, through the following means:

  • Training of managers for leadership roles in the marketing area at large national or international companies and NGOs, and training of entrepreneurs who are highly competent at marketing;
  • Training of research leaders with significant production capacity and international reach in their areas;
  • Production of scientific and applied research that promotes the advancement of marketing knowledge, with a global approach and high level of application to Brazilian organizations, in line with FGV’s mission to support Brazil’s development.

MCD is connected to the Center for Online Social Networks (FGVredes) and the Center for Excellence in Retail (FGVcev). Every year, in partnership with MCD, FGVcev holds the Latin American Retail Congress, the foremost retail event in Brazil.

Teachers of Marketing Department

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