Department of Planning and Economic Analysis Applied to Administration

The Department of Planning and Economic Analysis Applied to Administration (PAE) carries out teaching, research and extension activities for all the programs offered by FGV EAESP in which knowledge of economics is relevant (undergraduate, master’s, doctoral, specialist and extension programs). Content related to economic and macroeconomic analysis is taught in a way to help students understand the economic environment’s influence on organizations in the private or public sector.

Economic fundamentals together with up-to-date and relevant content are vital to decision making at organizations, as well as full understanding of changes in the national and global economy. Here are some of the issues and problems addressed by PAE through its faculty:

  • Quantitative evaluation of public policies, focusing on health economics, education, demographic economics and the environment;
  • Institutional economics, especially related to public-private sector links, in developing countries;
  • Strategic economics, focusing on analysis of business strategies;
  • Economic law (antitrust, regulatory economics, public-private partnerships, procurement and public concessions);
  • Urban economics and its social and regional segregation aspects;
  • Urban planning and application of computational methods;
  • Information economics, innovation economics and environmental economics;
  • Topics linked to the Brazilian economy and economic analysis, including the dynamics of the BRICS countries.

Our programs cover many other subjects, including microeconomics, macroeconomics, international trade and finance, industrial organization, economic development, economic analysis, stabilization programs, econometrics, and financial markets.

PAE’s professors studied at first-rate institutions in Brazil and other countries, and they have vast experience at organizations responsible for public policy decisions and in consulting activities in the public and private sectors. Our department is continually concerned about integrating and coordinating its academic education and research initiatives with FGV EAESP’s other education units and the foundation’s schools.

Teachers of Department of Planning and Economic Analysis Applied to Administration

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