Accounting, Finance and Control Department

The Accounting, Finance and Control Department (CFC) has the mission of contributing to the education and development of professionals working in the financial markets and financial management of companies, besides generating knowledge in the area.

We have more than 30 professors with extensive academic and business experience, who lecture on various aspects of finance, such as corporate finance, investments, financial and managerial accounting, risk management and banking. All of them are leaders in their areas of knowledge and they have a master’s and/or doctorate from the best institutions in Brazil and abroad.

Our faculty remains abreast of the latest developments, giving students content and teaching methods applied to the contemporary corporate environment and aligned with market demands. This connection with administrative practice is accompanied by conceptual depth, which enables the development of critical and analytical capacities regarding business practices in finance combined with an ethical vision of business.

With regard to research, our professors’ papers are regularly published in the best academic periodicals in Brazil and abroad, and in applied journals. They also participate in projects at FGV EAESP’s study centers, guide students in all FGV EAESP’s graduate programs, and as they are leaders in their fields, they have an active presence in the media.

Because of its activities in education, research and the spreading of knowledge, CFC contributes to Fundação Getulio Vargas’ mission to stimulate Brazil’s socioeconomic development and ensure world-class teaching and research.

Teachers of Accounting, Finance and Control Department

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