Scientific, Audiovisual and Climate Policy Dissemination

Scientific, Audiovisual and Climate Policy Dissemination

The study aims to better understand how scientific dissemination, especially through documentaries and other audiovisual formats, can contribute for science to reach a wider audience and impact the stages of the public policy process on climate change in general.

The study's motivation arose from the search for answers on the differences between the climate science stage, with evidence and consensus reached on the nature and severity of the issue, and the level of ambition of the policies to address the problem.

Initially, the focus was the National Plan on Adaptation to Climate Change (PNA), but the research suggested that the study's attention should not, at this point, be restricted exclusively to adaptation to CM, since the understanding of the problem is more comprehensive than possible approaches to avoid it or mitigate its consequences.

In this way, the present study covers the themes of scientific dissemination and climate change in the most general and comprehensive way possible, based on two main questions:

  • How can scientific knowledge be more relevant in decision-making processes?
  • How can documentaries contribute to creating a favorable moment for the promotion of policies to deal with the causes and consequences of climate change?

More than a study with emphatic conclusions about its themes of interest, the efforts compiled here represent a first step towards understanding the interrelationship between the objective of promoting ambitious policies to deal with a major problem, that of climate change, and the means to do so, with the understanding and recognition of the population. Therefore, it is expected that the ideas presented here will contribute to a better outline and conception, be it for future research, or for communication strategies on the theme.

Scientific, Audiovisual and Climate Policy Dissemination

Application of scientific dissemination instruments to support the implementation of the national plan for adaptation to climate change

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