• Iniciativas Empresariais
  • Professional Masters In Management For Competitivity - Sustainability Line
  • Brazilian GHG Protocol Program
  • Sustainable Finance for Biodiversity in Brazil and Colombia
  • Socio-territorial Infrastructure for Amazonia
  • Promoting Transparency and Territorial Governance
    in the Context of the Installation of Highways in the Brazilian Amazon - The Case of BR-319
  • Conexão Mata Atlântica
  • Bota na Mesa
  • Municipal agendas for urban and peri-urban agriculture
    A guide to inserting agriculture into urban planning processes
  • Converte-se
    Promoting smallholders’ organic conversion and market access
  • Greener Belt
    Periurban Agriculture, Climate Change and Food Supply Project
  • Emissions Trading Simulation
  • Integrated Education for Sustainability - FIS
  • Facilitation of processes and education for sustainability
  • Water Unites Us - SuizAgua Brasil
  • Strengthen National Climate Policy Implementation
    Comparative Empirical Learning & Creating Linkage to Climate Finance
  • Scientific, Audiovisual and Climate Policy Dissemination
  • Forced Displacements and Integral Repair
  • Protocol for the socioeconomic, cultural and environmental development of resettlements caused by hydroelectric undertakings
  • Governance and monitoring of territories affected by large enterprises in the Amazon
    Exchange of experiences
  • Studies on Education For Sustainability
  • Immersive educational formations
  • Fashion Threads
    Systemic Perspectives for Circularity
  • Business Strategies for Sustainability
  • Channeling financial resources for sustainability
  • Study of the Application of Economic Instruments to the Water Resources Management in Critical Situations
  • Perspectives for the Adoption of Emissions Monitoring Systems (MRV) and Economic Instruments
    within the scope of the Brazilian National Policy on Climate Change
  • Carbon footprint of Brazilian beef
  • Cost-benefit analysis (ACB) of climate change adaptation measures in the Brazilian semiarid region

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