Water Unites Us - SuizAgua Brasil

Water Unites Us - SuizAgua Brasil

Water Unites Us is an initiative led by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), with has FGVces responsible for local implementation. It is a Latin American network whose main objective is to develop and strengthen water resources management in companies in the countries in which it operates by employing the water footprint technique.
During its first cycle of activities (2018–2021), the three participating companies – CBA, Klabin and Votorantim Cimentos – developed impact studies and action plans to reduce their water footprints.


Closing event of the 2018-2021 Cycle of the Water Unites Us Initiative – SuizAgua Brasil (30/06/2021)

On June 30, took place the event that presented the results of the 2018-2021 cycle of El Agua nos Une. The impact studies and action plans for reducing the water footprint were presented by company representatives: Angelo Zerbini (Votorantim Cimentos) and Betânia Vilas Boas (Klabin). They also took part in the debate on the challenges and opportunities in strategic water management, along with Daniel Carvalho, corporate engagement manager at CDP, Kenneth Peralta, COSUDE's national project officer, and Annelise Vendramini, program coordinator at FGVces, who moderated the panel. Martin Jaggi, COSUDE's cooperation director, André Ramalho, Water Resilience Coalition coordinator, and Juliana Picoli, researcher at FGVces, also attended the event. Watch the event here.

Webinar - Public and private mechanisms to improve water management in companies (08/06/2020)

Global Compact Network Brazil, in partnership with FGVces promoted, on August 6, the webinar that discussed the demand for water in different sectors of the economy and potential economic mechanisms to promote the efficient allocation of water resources in crisis situations. The voluntary certification mechanism developed by the Peruvian National Water Authority was also presented, promoting the exchange of experiences obtained during creation and implementation of the program in Peru and Chile. Watch the webinar here.

First meeting of the Steering Committee of the Water United Us Initiative is held with the organization of FGVces (05/06/2020)

The meeting of the Steering Committee of the Water United Us - SuizAgua Brazil, organized by FGVces and SDC, presented the progress of project implementation in the country and discussed future action strategies.

Representatives of public and private institutions, consultancies and NGOs were present, in addition to the companies CBA, Klabin and Votorantim Cimentos, which participate in the project. Also participating were the SDC's cooperation director, Martin Jaggi, who showed the positive impact of the initiative on companies and local communities, and Alejandro Conza, coordinator of El Agua nos Une - SuizAgua Peru, who presented the experience of the Peruvian National Water Authority in implementing the Blue Certificate, which recognizes the efforts of companies that monitor and reduce the water footprint of their products.

Water Unites Us Initiative conducts training on the Simapro software (11/13/2019)

Training at FGV in São Paulo was carried out on the SimaPro® program, developed by the company Pré Consultants,  the most popular software program for Life Cycle Assessment. With the new partnership, member companies of the Water Unites Us Initiative - CBA, Klabin and Votorantim Cimentos - will have the opportunity to work directly with the software, learning, in practice, how to model data and explore the results of the water footprints of products. On the occasion, consultant Tiago Barreto (founding partner of ACV Brasil) presented the tool and applied practical exercises and Ricardo Dinato and Juliana Picoli, from FGVces, helped companies in data modeling.

1st Water Unites Us - SuizAgua Brazil Workshop (09/03/2019)

On the morning of September 3, 2019, the 1st Workshop of the initiative "El Agua Nos Une - SuizAgua Brazil" took place, at FGV in São Paulo. The event brought together about 40 people, including external guests and representatives of the member companies of the project - CBA, Klabin and Votorantim Cimentos - and had the presence of two great specialists in the area of ​​water resources management: Albano Araújo and Marussia Whately (Aliança pela Água).

Launch of the Water Unites Us project in Brazil (02/11/2019

The project in Brazil was launched at an event on February 11, 2019 with the participation of representatives from the companies Votorantim Cimentos and Klabin. FGVces coordinator, Mario Monzoni, was also present, highlighted the importance of the initiative. “An important component of the project is the necessity and the opportunity to work in a network, not only in Brazil with several players, but also taking advantage of the experience and the contribution that Swiss cooperation brings from other Latin American countries”.

In addition to the search for mechanisms and tools for the efficient use of water and to develop an adequate governance for water management, Kenneth Peralta, project officer at SDC, stated that there is also the intention of forming a perennial culture of corporate water management.

Learn more about the Water Unites Us initiative.


Results of the Water Unites Us – Suizagua Brasil 2018–2021

This publication summarizes the results and findings of the Water Unites Us – SuizAgua Brasil initiative and discuss the importance of water management at the participating companies. Additionally, it discusses the contributions and challenges of the project and propose recommendations for advancing this agenda in Brazil.

Click to access the publication




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