Studies on Education For Sustainability

Studies on Education For Sustainability

Recognizing the importance of expanding the frontiers of formal knowledge on education for sustainability, FGVces works with the development of studies, applied research and reports that unite theory and learning practices present in FGV projects and disciplines.

Publications and Reports

Antropo: human resources for sustainability and resilience

This material is the product of meetings, exchanges of experiences, research, knowledge production, learning, reflection and practice of a group of companies that was part of the Business Initiatives (iE) in 2020, a business network coordinated by FGVces. The content intends to contribute to the development of human capacities essential to business management for sustainability and more resilient organizations, capable of transforming themselves and promoting transformations in the systems in which they are inserted, and does not represent the institutional opinion or position of the companies represented here, nor of FGV-EAESP.

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Sustainable Schools: Educational path and identification of strategic drivers for sustainability in schools

The report presents a description of the process of facilitating the inclusion of sustainability drivers in the strategic planning of Escola Viva. The report seeks to inspire other schools that aim to incorporate Sustainability into their management and pedagogical practices in a participative manner.

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Initiatives in Education of decision makers "about" and "for" Sustainability: Brazil, United States and England

The survey sought to present initiatives that aim to train private and public decision makers to be new and relevant leaders for sustainability. The survey searched for institutions that offered courses that worked on this topic and the initiatives may or may not be linked to Universities. (2019)

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Study on Skills for Young Family-Based Farmers

This study aimed to identify the skills and competencies that can serve as a basis for the elaboration of a training program to encourage the autonomy and entrepreneurship of young family-based farmers in production chains in Brazil. Through interviews and a brief bibliographic review, the main topics addressed in the study were: family-based agriculture; the possibilities of strengthening family-based farming and its success factors; the essential skills and competencies that can contribute to this strengthening; the main elements of a integrated education for sustainability program for young family-based farmers. (2016)

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P22_ON - Education for Sustainability

Edition of P22_ON Education for Sustainability, (March 2016) which presented the main innovative teaching proposals applied in various universities and business schools responsible for educating the next generation of leaders. All these teaching proposals have in common the formation of an  integral human being who can develop his different facets: physical, emotional, intuitive and spiritual.

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Research articles and book chapters

AGUIAR, Ana Carolina; CARREIRA, Fernanda; MONZONI, Mario: Leadership Education for Sustainability, in: Wieland, Josef / Baumann Montecinos, Julika (eds.): Brazilian Perspectives on Transcultural Leadership, Marburg: Metropolis, 51-70, 2020.

SANTIAGO, Isabella Cruvinel; CARREIRA, Fernanda Cassab; AGUIAR, Ana Carolina Pires de; MONZONI, Mario Prestes. Increasing knowledge of food deserts in Brazil: the contributions of an interactive and digital mosaic produced in the context of an integrated education for sustainability program. Journal Of Public Affairs, [S.L.], p. 1-2, 16 dez. 2018. Wiley.

CARREIRA, Fernanda; AGUIAR, Ana Carolina; ONÇA, Fabiano; MONZONI, Mario. The Celsius Game: an experiential activity on management education simulating the complex challenges for the two-degree climate change target. The International Journal Of Management Education, [S.L.], v. 15, n. 2, p. 350-361, jul. 2017. Elsevier BV.

GÓES, Vicente Lourenço; JARDIM, Luiza Brunetti Silva; AGUIAR, Ana Carolina Pires de; PRESTES NETO, Mario Monzoni. Transdisciplinaridade no Contexto da Educação para a Sustentabilidade: compreendendo fundamentos e abordagens. In: ENANPAD XLI, 41., 2017, São Paulo. Anais [...] . São Paulo: Anpad, 2017. p. 1-16.

AGUIAR, Ana Carolina Pires; CARREIRA, Fernanda; GÓES, Vicente Lourenço de; MONZONI NETO, Mario Prestes. Formação Integrada para Sustentabilidade: impactos e caminhos para transformação. Revista de Administração, Contabilidade e Economia da Fundace, [S.L.], v. 7, n. 3, p. 162-174, 23 dez. 2016. FUNDACE.


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