Iniciativas Empresariais

Iniciativas Empresariais

Iniciativas Empresariais (iE) is a network coordinated since 2010 by FGVces, which brings together companies interested in accessing and producing knowledge and exchanging experiences on advances and challenges of business management for sustainability.

The iEs work on various sustainability topics in annual cycles of activities dedicated to contributing to strategies, policies, practices and business relations that insert and strengthen socio-environmental agendas at the heart of business, with a view to the transition to a green, resilient, low-carbon and socially just economy.

Participating in the iEs means being in contact with companies from different sectors in an environment of learning, debate, creation, critical reflection and access to practical and theoretical knowledge, facilitated by a multidisciplinary team from FGVces, to incorporate sustainability into business practices.

Annual Cycles - Activities

The activities conducted in the Business Initiatives (iE) are organized in an annual thematic course, based on research and integration between scientific and empirical knowledge on the chosen theme. It is conducted with the member companies through the following activities:

  • Workshops - meetings with thematic lectures, conversations with specialists, collaborative and dialogical dynamics between participants, inspirational content, favoring networking;
  • Meetings to exchange experiences between participants/companies - meetings facilitated by the FGVces team to share cases, challenges and practices;
  • Immersions - field trips, guided visits, conversation rounds or dynamics to experience realities lived by other groups that relate to the theme;
  • Events open to the public - Open Meeting, which takes place at the beginning of the cycle and introduces the theme that will be worked on throughout the year, and the HEI Forum, held at the end of the cycle to share reflections, contents, and results obtained; and
  • Public Access Publications - management of the knowledge generated in each cycle, organized in publications, methods, frameworks and tools, co-created by the participants of the companies and FGVces.
Iniciativas Empresariais Cycle 2023 Public events of the last Iniciativas Empresariais cycles Business Journeys

In recent years, the topics covered in the Business Initiatives have been:

2022 - ESG and Climate Change. Ambition and transparency in structuring mitigation targets.

2021 - Frontiers for corporate climate action with the application of the analytical lenses of biodiversity and social justice.

2020 - The age of the Anthropocene. How to do business in the Anthropocene, considering business relationships with value chain and raw material access; social inequalities; and climate system crisis.

2019 - Challenges of business management for sustainability related to corporate accounts and social and environmental aspects; territorial development, governance and SDGs; and product portfolio management and life cycle thinking.

Previous Cycles

Until 2019 the Business Initiatives worked with five different thematic fronts:

  • Business for Climate (EPC);
  • Innovation and Sustainability in the Value Chain (ISCV);
  • Trends in Ecosystem Services (TeSE);
  • Local Development and Large Enterprises (ID Local); and
  • Applied Life Cycle (CiViA).

Each of these fronts has contributed to advancing the frontiers of knowledge and business management Over the years, publications, methods, and tools have been produced that systematize the knowledge generated and support companies in internalizing these 5 themes in a structured way. Until 2020, FGVces worked together with companies in Pilot Projects, providing support for the implementation of the tools generated in the iEs. The materials resulting from the SEs and Pilot Projects are public and some can be found below, the others can be found under Publications/Studies.

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Publications and Reports

Boas práticas empresariais para metas de mitigação das mudanças climáticas

The publication is a synthesis of meetings and exchanges, applied research, learnings and reflections shared between representatives of the companies that made up the 2022 group of Business Initiatives (iE). The content presented intends to contribute to the development of the climate agenda in business management for sustainability.

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Fronteiras da Atuação Empresarial em Clima

The framework presented in this publication is the result of research, interviews with specialists, and a journey through 12 virtual meetings that took place between February and October 2021, among representatives of the EI member companies, invited guests, and the FGVces team. The contents and reflections emerging from this journey, related to the practices and frontiers that need to be reached and overcome in order to advance the corporate climate agenda, were mapped, recorded, analyzed and organized in this tool.

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Antropo: capacidades humanas para sustentabilidade e resiliênci

This material is the product of the meetings, exchange of experiences, research, knowledge production, learning, reflection and practice of a group of companies that took part in the Business Initiatives (iE) in 2020. The content presented here is intended to contribute to the development of human capabilities essential to business management for sustainability and more resilient organizations, capable of transforming themselves and promoting changes in the systems where they operate, and does not necessarily represent the opinion or institutional position of the companies represented here, nor of FGV-EAESP.

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Desafios da sustentabilidade para os negócios: contribuições das Iniciativas Empresariais

The publication presents the contributions of the group of companies regarding three sustainability challenges - social and environmental accounts and aspects, territorial development, and portfolio management - in the following formats:

Challenge 1: narratives for internal sales, in companies, of sustainability projects.
Challenge 2: framework for local development planning together with the players in the same territory, based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Challenge 3: board game directed to the areas involved in product portfolio management, in order to promote understanding about the importance of life cycle thinking.

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Desenvolvimento local, gestão empresarial e políticas públicas: um registro de reflexões e experiências

The business initiative ID Local proposed for the cycle of activities in 2018 the theme "Business articulation with local public policies". The publication gathers reflections and learnings from the year and presents 15 experiences that portray current practices in which managers from companies, institutes, and business foundations have acted side by side with public agents in the design of actions to promote local development.

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Grupo de Trabalho de Gestão de Fornecedores Protocolo de Desenvolvimento de Fornecedores - Ciclo 2018

In 2018, the companies that are members of the Supplier Management Working Group, created under the Innovation and Sustainability in the Value Chain (ISCV) initiative, dedicated themselves, among other activities, to drafting a Supplier Development Protocol. The publication is organized in two blocks: the first presents the protocol, describing the step-by-step steps for implementing a supplier development action, and the second brings a fictional example of its practical application, in order to support companies in the use of this document. This protocol is part of the work started in 2015 to create tools to implement the Sustainable Procurement Framework, built by FGVces together with the WG.

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Diálogos sobre a implementação da norma ISO 20400: uma contribuição do GT de Fornecedores - Ciclos 2017 e 2018

Between 2017 and 2018, the companies that are members of the Innovation and Sustainability in the Value Chain (ISCV) initiative dedicated themselves to studying the ISO 20400 standard, an international guideline for sustainable procurement, published in December 2016. The content presented here seeks to contribute to advancing the integration of sustainability in the purchasing function and in the processes, practices, and relationships of supply chains.

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Diretrizes empresariais para a valoração econômica de serviços ecossistêmicos - Versão 3.0

This is the third version of the Corporate Guidelines for the Economic Valuation of Ecosystem Services (Devese 3.0), a result of the work developed in the Trends in Ecosystem Services (TeSE) initiative. TeSE's mission was to articulate the business sector to build strategies and tools that contribute to an increasingly sustainable management of its dependencies, impacts, externalities, risks and opportunities related to natural capital and, in particular, to ecosystem services.

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In recent years a group of large companies from different sectors have accessed and produced knowledge, exchanged experiences, and collectively built contributions to the advancement of business management for sustainability through participation in Business Initiatives (BIs). Some of the member companies of the recent cycles of the iEs are:



AES Tietê


Algar Telecom






Arcelor Mittal


Banco do Brasil









Brookfield Energia



Camargo Correa














Eletrobras Furnas










Grupo Boticário

Grupo Moura

Instituto Algar







Leroy Merlin

Lojas Renner

Magazine Luiza








Pif Paf


Reservas Votorantim



Santos Brasil

Schneider Eletric

Smurfit Kappa


Suzano Papel e Celulose

Taboca Mineração