Fashion Threads

Fashion Threads

Systemic Perspectives for Circularity

This research is the first Brazilian publication responsible for analysing the socio-environmental impacts of producing the three most used fibres in the fashion industry: cotton, polyester and viscose. The desire to create a report on textiles is associated with urgent and necessary transformations to guarantee minimally stable living conditions on Earth in the face of a profoundly changing climate scenario in the next decade. 

The information, data and conclusions found here are not exhaustive, quite the contrary. There is a massive deficit of open and available sources, both in terms of commercial and economic data, as well as socio-environmental impacts caused by the production of textile fibres. Our main objective is to facilitate and increase access to open data; enable action from various professionals in the sector towards sustainability; insist on the importance of transparency on the productive network traceability, and highlight the importance of civil society's involvement in demanding transparency in national production chains and elaboration of public policies that foster the circularity of the national textile and clothing industry.

The Project is conducted by Modefica, in partnership with the Center for Sustainability Studies of Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGVces) and Regenerate Fashion and is funded by the Laudes Foundation and Modefica.


Behavior Research: Use, Care and Disposal of Clothing Items (Oct/2020)

FGVces and Regenerate Sustainable Fashion Agency conducted a survey to understand patterns of consumption, use and disposal of clothing in Brazil. The information will be of great value to understand how to foster a more sustainable fashion industry. See more here.

Music (Mar/2021)

The Fios da Moda Project is a study for a diverse audience interested in understanding social and environmental issues in Brazil. We want this study to go further and further, but we know that disseminating science is not a simple task. Thinking of ways to connect with a greater number of people, we turned to music. The song Fios da Moda was written by singer and composer Carol Naine, whose musical repertoire is remarkable for uniting music and social criticism.

Fashion Threads by Carol Naini


Fashion Threads: Systemic Perspectives for Circularity

This report should be seen as a first analysis aiming at systematising and grouping information on the environmental impacts and the potential for textile fibres' circularity. 
The project focuses on the three main fibers used in the fashion industry - polyester, cotton and viscose - and the entire analysis is carried out from a life cycle approach. The results presented indicate state of the art on environmental issues in the fashion industry and strive to advance this agenda's discussions. These results are not exhaustive and offer elements for future discussions with the textile, as well as other sectors of society.

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