Facilitation of processes and education for sustainability

Facilitation of processes and education for sustainability

FGVces works with the design, organization and facilitation of collaborative and dialogical learning processes and co-creation of solutions in light of sustainability and complexity. With high potential for customization based on demand - which can be online, hybrid or live - the educational courses contemplate theoretical and technical knowledge on issues and themes of Sustainable Development, as well as practices and activities that seek to promote changes in the student's attitudes, perceptions and values ​​through integrative experiences.

The courses can take place in partnership with any organization interested in human development for sustainability and the facilitations can either constitute a project in itself or be part of initiatives that use the premises of participation, collaboration and / or dialogue.



C&A Brasil Climate Change Training Program (2020)

This training aimed to contribute to the leveling and expansion of knowledge and experience of professionals from different areas of C&A Brasil about Climate Change. The program was aimed at teaching the impacts and opportunities, strategies, methodologies and tools for management, monitoring, mitigation, reduction and compensation of greenhouse gases.

International Paper Trainee Training Program in / for Sustainability (2020-2021)

In partnership with International Paper, the program aimed to contribute to the awareness and expansion of knowledge and repertoire of employees - including a group of trainees and staff from other areas of the company - on themes and premises of sustainability. With approximately 50 synchronous hours (live and online), the program brought topics related to Ecological Economics, Climate, Life Cycle, Local Development and Ecosystem Services, besides an immersive experience to deepen listening and prototyping business solutions for sustainability.

Sustainable Schools (2019)

FGVces and Escola Viva joined forces throughout the 2nd semester of 2019 to promote a participatory process of training and joint reflection on Sustainability in the context of Basic Education. The project aimed to train a group composed of priority people in global concepts on Sustainability and to facilitate a process of co-creation and inclusion of sustainability drivers in the School's strategic planning. Click here to access the publication.


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