Code of Academic Conduct Initiative for Higher Education Institutions

Code of Academic Conduct Initiative for Higher Education Institutions

Code of Academic Conduct Initiative for Higher Education Institutions







What is the Initiative Code of Academic Conduct for Higher Education Institutions?


The Initiative Academic Code of Conduct for Higher Education Institutions (Initiative) seeks to address the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda, which emphasize the importance of education to end poverty, to reduce corruption and bribery, and to ensure greater integrity and prosperity for all.


Why the Initiative?


The education sector has a great diversity and multiplicity of actors: students, teachers, employees, partner companies, other educational institutions, which communicate and are interrelated. Since common problems require common initiatives, especially when seeking to expand knowledge on issues such as integrity and ethics in the academic world, the search for collective action comes naturally. This is because collective action, such as the Initiative, can enhance the impact of individual actions on behalf of integrity. The FGVethics research center, with the support of the Board of Directors of FGV EAESP, the Coordinators of the Undergraduate Business Administration and Public Administration, courses CEDEA (through its “Community of Practice” platform) and the students union DAGV, is building this Initiative, through collective action, with the goal of improving and enhancing the academic codes of conduct of educational institutions in general and FGV EAESP in particular.


To Whom Is It Intended For?


The Initiative's main stakeholders include faculty, students, employees, partner companies, alumni and international schools that partner with FGV EAESP, who will work together to discuss integrity issues in the higher education environment, identifying the main themes and challenges in the several spaces of coexistence (face-to-face, online, and hybrid) of the institution. All these stakeholders can adhere to the general principles of the Initiative and participate in this process of enhancing and improving the academic code of conduct in favor of integrity and compliance for all.