Planning and Economic Analysis Applied to Management Department (PAE)

The Planning and Economic Analysis Applied to Management Department (PAE) has the purpose of providing several programs to the EAESP, the economic analysis content necessary so that participants in those programs can understand the influence of the economic environment on organizations, from the private or public sector. The theoretical fundamentals in economy, with updated and relevant content, are relevant to assist in microeconomic decisions for individuals and companies and to understand the impact on companies resulting from changes in domestic economy and also the consequences on them as result of changes to the global economy. 

In order to meet its objectives the PAE develops teaching, research and extension activities for all programs offered by the EAESP for which knowledge of the economy is the relevant aspect, that is, for the many undergraduate, masters, PhDs, specialization and extension courses that are part of the “portfolio” of the institution's programs. Typical economics disciplines included in these programs are microeconomics, macroeconomics, international trade and finance, Brazilian economy, industrial organization, economic development, in addition to elective disciplines that are offered to meet specific demands, such as the scenario analysis, stabilization programs, regulation of financial markets, among others.

The PAE faculty has academic masters and PhD titles, granted by highly regarded university institutions in the country and abroad. Some of them count on relevant experience in entities responsible for public policies decision-making and in consulting activities, not only for the public sector, but in private companies as well. This extra-academic experience is useful for faculty that is also concerned with the applied and empirical character of the disciplines for which they are responsible. Additionally, the department is continuously concerned about the integration and coordination of the teaching and researching academic activities with other teaching units at EAESP and with the other FGV schools in São Paulo.  

Chief of the department: Prof. Arthur Barrionuevo Filho

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