Marketing Department (MCD)

In a increasingly competitive market, companies survive and prosper thanks to the relationships of exchange they have with the market. The objective that guides the teaching and research activities of the Marketing Department (MCD) at EAESP is to contribute towards increasing competitiveness and excellence of companies that operate in Brazil.  

Since its inception, many decades ago, the MCD was guided by Peter Drucker’s outlook: pursuing customer satisfaction makes up the business pillar and Marketing is the entire business according to the customer’s point of view of results. One of our first professors, Raimar Richers, described the essence of Marketing as “understanding and servicing the market”, something apparently so simple, that requires multiple knowledge, skills and attitudes. Marketing encompasses a wide variety of issues, theories, models, methods, techniques and procedures. The marketing competencies have an applied nature, destined to settle practical issues. Within its operations, the MCD has a proposed view of a new and encompassing definition of marketing from the American Marketing Association.  “Marketing is an activity carried out by organizations and individuals, that operates through a group of institutions and processes to create, communicate, deliver, and exchange market supply, that have value to consumers, customers, marketing agents, and society as a whole.” 

Seeking to fulfill its objectives of teaching and research in Marketing, there are three strategies that guide the MCD’s activities. The first is to accompany and critically assimilate the state-of-art of Marketing. The second is to contribute to knowledge generation, considering the reality and priorities of the Brazilian market.  The third is to convey the knowledge of marketing aiming at streamlining the students learning experience of competencies to analyze complex market situations, assess alternatives and create intelligent solutions focused on satisfying not only the company’s economic objectives, but also considering the social and environmental impact on society.    

Chief of the departament: Prof. Delane Botelho

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