IT and Quantitative Methods Applied to Administration Department (IMQ)

About the IMQ

Our main goal is to facilitate the learning for EAESP students so that they improve their education as business managers, in the areas of Information Technology, Statistics, Mathematics, Decision Analysis and Operating Research. Furthermore, at the IMQ, through research we seek to innovate in teaching and development of these areas, keeping us as the Center for national and international excellence.  We continuously work to increase the exchange with colleagues from other departments and groups of research to develop joint disciplines and research.

New topics are disseminated through a wide group of elective disciplines, in Portuguese and English, in the different courses in School.

The IMQ counts on approximately 50 faculty members, Brazilian and foreign, most of which have extensive corporate experience, as well as PhDs and masters titles from first line institutions in Brazil and abroad.  In addition to learning activities, which is the main focus of the IMQ, our faculty is dedicated to research, consulting and administrative activities at EAESP, according to preferences and profiles.

Faculty provides service to students and colleagues from other departments to support them in using quantitative techniques in their research.

The academic staff is complemented by a team of monitors, selected among the best students in School, qualified to help their colleagues to clarify doubts and reinforce concepts.

IMQ faculty work in the AATI (Graduate Information Technology Analysis and Management and at GVcia (Applied Information Technology Study Center.

One of the reasons for pride of the IMQ faculty is the exceptional work environment and companionship, strengthened by frequent work meetings and get-togethers.

Chief of the department: Prof. Andre Luiz Silva Samartini

Professor Selection

The IT and Quantitative Methods Research and Teaching Applied to Management Department (IMQ) at FGV/EAESP is opening a selection process for its Teaching Staff for hire in one of its three modalities: Hourly Professor (compensation per hour taught in the semester); Full Time Professor (20 hours weekly) and Tenured Professor (36 hours weekly and exclusivity).

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