In compliance with NBR 9050, from the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT), FGV made technical adaptations to its buildings in order to benefit people with special needs. It is an ongoing improvement process; therefore little by little all buildings will be equipped with these devices. 

The EAESP buildings have:

  • adapted restrooms for wheelchair users;
  • Braille panels in elevators;
  • access ramps for people with limited mobility;
  • parking spaces close to building entrances for these users.
  • fire alarms with visual and sound alerts. The Fire Brigade is instructed to prioritize these people in case the building needs to be evacuated in an emergency.  

The most recent initiative is to implement tactile paving, which is one of the best elements to assist mobility: combining binary language – alert + directional – they inform and direct people when moving, creating paths with precision and safety. They will be used on the outside and inside areas, in order to guarantee an adequate flow.