FGV EAESP manages scholarships awarded by funding agencies (CAPES and CNPq), in accordance with current government policy, and also offers study opportunities funded by the Coordination of Graduate Programs - PPG Scholarship.

According to CAPES and CNPq regulations, the scholarship is granted for a period of twelve months and may be renewed annually until it reaches 24 months for the Academic Master's Degree and 48 months for the Doctorate. In determining the duration limit of the scholarships,  installments previously received by the scholarship holder from other CAPES, CNPq and other agencies program (s) for the same level of course, will also be considered.

Academic Masters and Doctorate students (except for students from LP Competitiveness in Program Management in AE), freshmen in 2020, will be guaranteed the modality scholarship (tuition waiver). Students will also have the possibility to obtain full modality scholarship (monthly maintenance + monthly exemption) with the support of CAPES and CNPq. Obtaining this scholarship will be possible as long as the student formalizes the interest in receiving the benefit and meets all the requirements in the Scholarship Grant Manual and in Applicable Regulations to the Graduate, Academic Masters and Doctorate Courses.

The grant of the scholarship depends on:

  • Registration and approval in the specific selection process for granting the scholarship;
  • Compliance with the requirements defined by the Graduate Programs Scholarship Committee and funding agencies;
  • The number of scholarships received by the course; and
  • Approval of the scholarship holder by CAPES or CNPq.


The renewal of the scholarship depends on:

  • Compliance with deadlines set in the CMCD School Calendar;
  • Compliance with other requirements stipulated in the Scholarship Grant Manual and in the Program's Applicable Regulations;
  • Satisfactory academic performance; and
  • Approval of the scholarship holder by CAPES, CNPq and PPG.


Failure to meet deadlines or failure to comply with any other requirements contained in the Scholarship Grant Manual and in Applicable Regulations to the Graduate, Academic Master's and Doctorate Courses, implies in the cancellation of the scholarship or in the failure to indicate the applicant.

Cases not provided for in the Scholarship Grant Manual and in the Program's Applicable Regulations are reviewed and judged by the Graduate Program Scholarship Committee.

In addition to these scholarships, students may also apply for scholarships directly to other funding agencies.



Teaching Assistant (TA) Scholarship

Students of the Academic Doctorate in Business Administration and Public Administration and Government have the possibility to use a TA scholarship, which has the main objectives:

I - Train doctoral students with high potential for teaching and academic research;
II - Stimulate high impact publications;
III - Train the doctoral student to seek job opportunities abroad.

The TA must have full dedication to the School and its training. You must dedicate 8 to 12 hours per week corresponding to the activities performed, in the place to be defined and at the predetermined time at the beginning of each academic semester, with guidance from the course supervisor and coordinator. During the sandwich doctoral period, the TA will be exempt from compliance of the 8 to 12 hours a week of activities.

The role of a TA comprises, among other activities:

I - provide support to students, in order to facilitate the learning process through activities to be defined by FGV EAESP's Coordination of Courses in conjunction with the Coordination of Graduate Programs;
II - provide support to professors, the Departments of Education and Research and Coordination of courses, carrying out activities related to teaching and research to be defined by FGV EAESP's Coordination of Courses in conjunction with the Coordination of Graduate Programs.

The distribution of TA activities is, ultimately, the responsibility of the Coordinator of the Graduate Programs. The Coordinator can delegate the distribution, coordination and control of the work carried out to the TA.


CAPES Academic Masters and Doctorate Scholarship

The Higher Education Personnel Improvement Coordination (CAPES) is a public entity linked to the Ministry of Education - MEC.

CAPES subsidizes MEC in the formulation of Graduate policies, coordinating and stimulating - through the granting of scholarships, assistance and other means of support - the formation of highly qualified human resources for higher education teaching, researching and promoting the Graduate Program in Brazil.

The scholarships are distributed through an agreement with the Higher Education Institution (IES) to which the Graduate Program is bound, under one of the following CAPES scholarship programs.

In the Country - Graduate Support Program for Private Education Institutions (PROSUP)

  • PROSUP (tuition fee): scholarship maintenance + school fee (tuition fee assistance).
  • PROSUPTX (fee): school fee (tuition fee assistance)


For both modalities, it is mandatory to be have an account at Banco do Brasil.

Abroad - CAPES-PrInt Program

Fulbright, specific to USA destinations, via CAPES


CNPq Academic Masters and Doctorate Scholarships

The National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) is an agency belonging to the Ministry of Science and Technology (MCT), aimed at fostering scientific and technological research and at training human resources for research in the country. CNPq offers various types of scholarships to high school, undergraduate and graduate students, as well as recent PhDs and experienced researchers.

For Graduate programs, CNPq offers the following scholarships.

In the country:

  • Master's degree - GM
  • Doctorate - GD


Must be have an account at Banco do Brasil.


  • Sandwich Doctorate Abroad (SWE) via CNPq


Academic Masters and Doctorate Scholarship - PPG

The Graduate Programs at FGV-EAESP maintain a scholarship focused exclusively on the financing and coordination of the production of scientific knowledge on Business Administration and Public Administration, as well as support in the formation of young researchers.

The benefit of the FGV-EAESP Graduate Scholarship is the exemption from tuition fees for graduate courses in Business Administration and in Public Administration and Government, in which the contemplated student is regularly enrolled.

Get detailed information about Scholarships in the Scholarship Grant Manual in the Country.



The CAPES National Postdoctoral Program - PNPD / CAPES, is an institutional grant program that finances post-doctoral internships in stricto sensu Academic Graduate Programs (PPG) recommended by CAPES with the objective of promoting the accomplishment of high quality studies; strengthen national research groups; renew the graduate programs (PPG) staff in higher education and research institutions; promote the insertion of Brazilian and foreign researchers in postdoctoral internship, encouraging their integration with research projects developed by the Graduate Programs in the country.

Exclusive Notice for CAPES National Postdoctoral Program - PNPD / CAPES, effective from October 2019.

The FGV EAESP Graduate Coordination made the Public Notice n.08/2019 regarding the CAPES National Postdoctoral Program - PNPD / CAPES, of the Graduate Program in Business Administration of FGV EAESP.

Registration period: from 06/18/2019 to 07/19/2019

Quotas: 1

Beginning of the scholarship from 10/2019

The registration requirements are:

  • Be Brazilian or a foreign resident in Brazil holding a temporary visa, without employment relationship;
  • Being a foreigner, resident abroad, without employment relationship;
  • Be a teacher or researcher in the country with employment in higher education institutions or public research institutions.


The scholarship term will be 12 (twelve) months.

To apply, the applicant must submit the following documents:

  • Brazilian: Copy of ID and CPF; Foreign resident in Brazil: RNE and temporary visa in Brazil or foreign resident abroad: Passport and proof of residence abroad;
  • Updated Curriculum Vitae, extracted from the platform Lattes;
  • Research project containing: abstract and keywords; the basic idea for the research, the intended objectives, the research line (s) of interest, the bibliography; list of planned products and the specific experimental or laboratory infrastructure;
  • Schedule (minimum 6 months and maximum 2 years);
  • Proof of publications in the last 3 years;
  • Letter of acceptance from the supervising professor.


The registration is configured by sending the application to the e-mail:, containing all the requested documents.

To access the Notice, click here.



The Student Agreement Graduate Program - PEC-PG, administered by the the Department of Culture (DC), the Department of Foreign Relations - MRE, the Coordination for the Improvement of Higher Education Personnel - CAPES and the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development - CNPq, constitutes educational cooperation activity exercised primarily with developing countries with which Brazil has an educational, cultural, or science and technology agreement.

The purpose of PEC-PG is to enable citizens from developing countries to come to Brazil to undertake graduate studies at the Masters and Doctorate levels in a Brazilian Higher Education Institution, in order to provide the necessary training to the student so that they can contribute to the development of their home country. Priority will be given to countries submitting candidates under national socio-economic development programs, agreed between Brazil and the countries concerned, through diplomatic channels.

The Getulio Vargas Foundation School of Business Administration in São Paulo (FGV-EAESP) conducts a selection process for the Masters and Doctorate courses in Business Administration and in Public and Government Administration specifically for candidates interested in applying for the PEC-PG scholarship. The vacancies available for this selection process do not compete with those available to the other candidates.

Our institution selects the students and nominates them, by means of a letter of acceptance to the candidate, to apply for the PEC-PG scholarship. The approved candidate, in possession of the letter we provide, must apply directly to CAPES and / or CNPq, within the deadlines established by the respective agencies and in accordance with their rules for obtaining the PEC-PG scholarship.

Those interested in participating in the selection process should apply at the specific terms and times. For more information and registration, please click here.




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