Center for Health Planning and Management Studies (GVsaúde)

Coordinator: Prof. Ana Maria Malik

Structuring the framework for a Health Area inside a Management school, over three decades ago, implied in the creation of many regular teaching graduate programs (Specialization, Masters/PhD) and executive education, in addition to activities focused on research, publications and providing technical assistance. Currently the EAESP is recognized as a unit in which activities related to the planning and management areas and health services, public or private are developed, which can be confirmed by scientific and technical production of its member professors and researchers presented at events and publications not only in the field of Management (promoted or reviewed by ANPAD), such as the Group/Public Health (promoted or reviewed by Abrasco).

GVsaúde – The Center for Health Planning and Management Studies makes up an extensive network that articulates current and former students and FGV professors’ efforts, as well as professionals that occupy important positions in the main hospitals, laboratories and other public and private health service providers, health plan operators, state and municipal health secretariats and ministries. Thanks to GVsaúde, the EAESP has signed agreements with many organizations, among which are the Clinics Hospital of the University of São Paulo School of Medicine and the School of Medicine itself, to manage PROAHSA, with the State Secretariat of Health, in relation to its institutional development and with several private organizations.

The current GVsaúde activities, strictly aligned with the EAESP strategic objectives, are:

  • Support and develop activities that enable the FGV/EAESP to continue to be recognized as the Center for excellence in Health Planning and Management (for instance, the website - has masters dissertations and doctorate theses developed more recently by its graduate students and the most recent or relevant publications of its members; QualiHosp has representatives of relevant organizations from the service area, public and private, and from Brazilian universities on its scientific commission; GVsaúde debates discuss these most up-to-date topics in the area, bringing in experts to talk about their experiences);
  • Operate as a pole of attraction for students and researchers interested in improving, continuing education and research in Health Planning and Management;
  • Facilitate the establishment of partnerships with companies, other research, education and training centers, in Brazil and abroad, in the area of health (for instance, we are part of RIPSA/OPAS, Abrasco, ISQua, ALASS, we have a relationship with other universities, in Brazil – University of São Paulo School of Medicine, UNIFESP, among others, and abroad – Nova de Lisboa, Paris VII);
  • Temporarily involve experienced professionals from other institutions in projects or programs in development, aiming at providing faster enrichment of the repertoire of competencies of School faculty (for instance, research projects with their own budget, financed by clients-as happened with the ALGAR group in 2007 and with the State Secretariat of Health of São Paulo in 2008);
  • Provide technical support to projects, in the country and abroad (for instance, PROFAE results evaluation project for the Ministry of Health).  

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