Center for Excellence in Retail (GVcev)

Coordinator: Prof. Maurício Gerbaudo Morgado

This Study Center was created in 2001 and is guided on the following aspects:

Mission: carry out a leadership role, as a catalyzer in the development and evolution process of retail in Brazil, through activities in the areas of education and training, research and consulting.

Topics of Interest: Trends in Brazilian and global retail, Social Responsibility and Sustainability in Retail, Low Income in Retail, Retail Location and Expansion, Commercial Centers on Streets and Visual Merchandising

Activities: GVcev activities are focused on the following main areas:

Research and Publication: The GVcev develops diverse research in the area of retail and distribution. In addition to the research, the GVcev recently published books in the areas of social responsibility and low income in retail through a partnership with Bookman publishing house.

The Latin American Retail Congress (CLAV): The GVcev develops CLAV on an annual basis, with the purpose of promoting generation, sharing and dissemination of knowledge in the area of Retail in all its dimensions and perspectives, thus generating subsidies for more competitiveness and excellence in retail companies. The congress acts as a catalyzer of a stimulus process to generate knowledge in retail.

Social Responsibility Program in Retail: Encompasses a variety of actions that seek to mobilize, train, recognize and disseminate corporate social responsibility practices, as well as retail entities of all sizes, industries and regions in the Country.

Such as:
− FGV-EAESP Social Responsibility in Retail Award
− Social Responsibility Indicators in Retail Companies
− Courses, Seminars and Themed Meetings
− Publications
− Social Responsibility Program in Retail Practices Database

Continuing Education: GVcev professors create open courses for continuing education, as well as custom-made courses for companies. Some companies that had recent in-company courses are: The Pão de Açúcar Group, Renner, ABRAS and Pernambucanas.

Discussion Forums: The objective of the discussion forums is to encourage the discussion and development of retail in some topics of interest, not only bringing together the academic area, but the corporate and third sectors as well.

Seminars: The GVcev regularly promotes seminars seeking to integrate the corporate view of guest speakers from the market, with the academic view of FGV professors. The events are open to the public in different topics of interest of the retail sector.

− Delane Botelho (MCD)
− Edgard Barki (MCD)
− Eliane Brito (MCD)
− Juracy Parente (MCD)
− Maria Cristina Proença (MCD)
− Mauricio G. Morgado (MCD)
− Roseli Morena Porto (ADM)

For additional information, please call us at:  (+5511) 3799-7970 or the GVcev website