Center for Excellence in Logistics and Supply Chain (GVcelog)

Coordinator: Profa. Priscila Miguel

The center for the development of studies and research in logistics, in the national and international scope and in the many aspects of supply chain management, seeks to contribute, in a decisive manner, to improve the performance of Brazilian companies in the domestic and global market and ,consequently, contribute towards the social and economic development of the country.

The objective of GVcelog is to be the benchmark in Brazil of knowledge in management strategy and processes in the areas of logistics and supply chain management and encourage and make it possible to generate, systematize, disseminate and apply knowledge about strategy and management processes in these areas.

In view of the strategic importance of operations associated to logistics and supply chain management, the development of knowledge and its promotion to the community, as well as seeking to create awareness in companies about the importance of said areas, are important factors to develop leaderships and to face the more complex scenarios ahead of us. 

GVcelog has been carrying out research on relevant topics and disseminating the results in the areas of Brazilian competitiveness in exports, logistics costs, logistics and supply chain professionals training, pharmaceutical supply chain and characterization of logistics aspects for centers of development. 

- Prof. Alexandre Pignanelli (POI)
- Prof. Claude Machline (POI)
- Prof. Henrique Luiz Corrêa (POI)
- Prof. José Bento Carlos Amaral Júnior (POI)
- Prof. Luiz Arthur Ledur Brito (POI)
- Prof. Luiz Carlos Di Serio (POI)
- Prof. Manoel de Andrade e Silva Reis (POI)
- Prof. Orlando Cattini Jr. (POI)
- Prof. Susana Carla Farias Pereira (POI)

For further information, please contact us at (+5511) 3799-7946 – 3799-3599, send us an email or visit the CELog website.