Center for Politics and Economics in the Public Sector Studies (Cepesp)

Coordinator: Prof. George Avelino Filho

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The Center for Politics and Economics in the Public Sector Studies (CEPES) was created in 2006, being the first FGV-SP interschool center. Professors responsible for the Center are: Paulo Arvate, George Avelino, Ciro Biderman and Nelson Marconi, from FGV/EAESP; and Enlinson Matos and Carlos Pereira, from FGV/EESP.

CEPESP researches privilege the relationship between politics and economy in understanding the restrictions and potentials of public policies at the three levels of government (Federation, State and Municipalities). In general, researches seek to measure the influence exerted by institutions (in a broad sense) about public policies decisions. The analysis scale varies widely, as do the institutions studied; however the original question remains. For instance, it is very different to study the relationship between partisan systems in the states and their budget allocation decisions or the relationship between the tax system in the states and the well being of the federation. However, in both cases, an institution is influencing the decisions about public policies.

Among research recently developed by the CEPESP, one can highlight the relationship between the intergovernmental transfers and salary differences between the public and private sectors in the Brazilian states; the electoral strategies of São Paulo Councilmen; the influence of political parties in state public spending; the municipal management of resources transferred by the Federal Government, the economic impacts of the Ring Road implementation etc.

The program is made up of three lines of individual research and four collective lines: The first gathers the works of Arvate and Avelino, the following the works of Arvate and Biderman, while the third gathers the works of Avelino and Biderman.

Rua Itapeva, 474 - 12° andar- CEP 01332-000 - São Paulo - SP - Brazil

Contact information: Phone # +55 11 3799-3373 or send us an e-mail.

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