Center for Entrepreneurship and New Business (GVcenn)

Created with the mission to build an entrepreneurial culture at the Getulio Vargas Foundation, the GVcenn gathers people to study, generate and propagate multidisciplinary knowledge on the topic of entrepreneurship.
To achieve its mission, the FGVcenn promotes Brazilian knowledge generation on entrepreneurship, by carrying out events, workshops, business plans and case study contests, publications, courses, congresses, and research.  

FGVcenn is based on the principle that entrepreneurs are the agents of innovation.
Innovation requires transformation, not only the company’s but also the market’s and everyone involved.

We believe that generating and disseminating knowledge awaken the latent entrepreneurial spirit; new businesses are encouraged to be opened and contribute to the country’s social and economic development.

- Prof. Edgard Barki - Coordinator
Prof. Marcelo Marinho Aida – Assistant Coordinator
- Prof. Gilberto Sarfati
- Prof. Rogério Tsukamoto – Responsible for Family-Owned Companies
- Prof. José Augusto Corrêa – Honorable Member

 For further information, please contact us at (+5511) 3799-3439 or send us an e-mail or visit the CENN website.