Converte-se Project: Promoting smallholders’ organic conversion and market

May, 2023

The publication presents the activities, discussions and results of the 'Converte-se Project: Promoting smallholders’ organic conversion and market', carried out by the FGVces Centre for Sustainability Studies between 2021 and 2022, with the aim of promoting the conversion of smallholders to organic production and contributing to making the organic food chain more favourable to this process.

The document is organised as follows:

Chapter 1 presents the context and motivations for the project conception;

Chapter 2 discusses the work carried out with 10 groups of smallholder farmers to contribute to the processes of conversion to organic production and access to qualified markets, and shares the main challenges faced by producers on this journey;

Chapter 3 reports on the project's work with a network of actors linked to the organic food chain in building recommendations for our food systems to offer better conditions for the conversion of these farmers. The recommendations built in this collective are also presented in chapter 3.

Finally, chapter 4 reflects on the lessons learnt from the project and possible future directions.

The Converte-se project was supported by the Carrefour Brasil Group and the Carrefour Foundation.

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