Activity Report 2021-2022

May, 2023

The exercise of looking back on the activities of the years 2021 and 2022 brought up a profusion of memories and ambiguous feelings. After all, we were still very much marked by the Covid-19 pandemic and living with great apprehension the dismantling of environmental governance, the weakening of human rights guarantees and protection, and the persistent attacks on democracy.

Despite this, we continue to articulate partnerships, join forces, and support public and private organizations in their transformation journeys. Dozens of projects have been carried out in this regard, as you will see in the following pages. The initiatives are grouped into major themes and have proposals that vary greatly among themselves. But in common, all of them have generated or will generate public goods, one of our commitments to society.

Internally, we sought during this period to take care of ourselves and to reconnect - with each other, after a prolonged phase of social distancing, and with CES, as we internally call our Center for Sustainability Studies.

We also mobilized meetings and discussions to rethink our current priorities and revisit processes that are important for our institutional development. These are internal movements, but they strongly impact our way of acting and relating to governments, companies and civil society.

For 2023, we are expecting many achievements and, especially, celebrations. We will complete 20 years of operations in September, a milestone that fills us with pride. We will continue on this tireless journey to establish other development projects for Brazil and to seek effective solutions to the challenges of sustainability. We continue together.  

Enjoy your reading!

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