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About the club

Participating companies are partners in knowledge and discoveries. They gain exposure from leading future executives and business leaders. The Club integrates companies from all sectors with current business vision.

The partnership


The partnership is signed with the group of companies that collaborate with FGV. They create connections with the public of the schools: students, teachers, alumni, national and international visitors.

Companies that denominate spaces create sensations and integrate a multi-enterprise corporate environment. Those who support the Study Centers are at the forefront of knowledge production and those who support the Scholarship Fund by sharing resources to multiply talent building.

How it works

A team from the Institutional Development Advisory assists businesses in identifying the most appropriate partnership for the company's positioning. The ASDI, as it is known, has a team that can accompany a company at all stages of the partnership. From the identification of the best opportunity, the regularization of the partnership, the relationship with the company in the use of benefits, as well as the practice of recognition of these supports.

The benefits to the partners are exclusive and among them we have:

  • Acknowledgment Panels
  • Space Usage
  • Promotional actions
  • Directed Communications


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Advantages of being a partner

Your company being part of FGV's daily life


Being present as a sponsor enables you to reinforce brand value and strengthen your business positioning.


Participating in the development of knowledge will show your brand's competitive advantage in relation to the market, enhanced by strengthening the relationship between you and your customers.


The Study Centers at FGV put your company at the forefront of innovation and help you acquire new Leads at meetings and events. Approaching through stands, participating in lectures and debates and networking are some effective ways to have new conversions.


Being in direct contact with your audience means many more opportunities to attract talent.

Sponsored spaces

Sponsored Course

It is a partnership between companies and FGV SP in which students have contact with the company's daily life and point out innovative solutions for real situations indicated by executives, applying academic knowledge in practice and bringing innovation to companies.

Marketing Mix
Undergraduate business administration students at FGV SP are learning the Marketing Mix as a real challenge proposed by P&G. They visit the company office, accompanied by prof. Henrique de Campos Jr. to point out innovative solutions to real problems and situations, applying academic knowledge in practice and bringing innovation to companies.
Integration Consulting, BUTD - Business Up To Date
Sponsored by Integration Consulting, BUTD - Business Up To Date is the oldest elective at FGV EAESP and is being taught by professor Zilla together with Integration professionals, in the Integration room on the 7th floor at FGV EAESP.
Strategic Innovation Cielo / Braspag
Taught by professor Adrian Kemmer Cernev, offered to Business Administration students and held at Braspag's office. The objective was to make students have contact with the daily life of the company so that they're able to point out innovative solutions for real situations indicated by executives, applying the academic knowledge in practice.

Sponsored Activities of Study Centers

Partnership that takes academic knowledge to solve real business needs

Event with more than 20 years of existence promoting a wide discussion of the themes chosen for the events and their different interfaces in health management, exchange of practical experiences and dissemination of studies and research. Soon more information about sponsorship.
Traditional event with more than 30 years of existence. FGV eventually hosts TEDx events. Soon more information about sponsorship for TEDx FGV.
FGV EAESP Center for Ethics, Transparency, Integrity and Compliance Studies. Open for sponsorship.
Values ​​used

The FGV Scholarship Fund emerged in 1965 and was the pioneer in offering educational credit in Brazil. Since then, more than 25,000 scholarship have been granted to students with proven economic need.

How may the student use the resources?

The Scholarship Fund offers 20% to 100% monthly tuition assistance per semester. The Merit scholarship is awarded to the first placed students in the entrance exams.


Scholarship Fund 2022

R$ 37,413,261,62
in scholarships awarded
students served

Bolsas por curso de graduação FGV São Paulo

International Relations


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