José Garcez Ghirardi

Postdoctoral fellow at Collège de France, (Chaire État Social et mondialisation) (2017), with scholarships from FAPESP and UNICAMP (2004). Lawyer, graduated from the University of São Paulo (1985). Master and PhD in Linguistics and Literary Studies in English from the University of São Paulo (1995 and 1998). Brazilian Law Teaching Association's Director of Faculty Training ABEDi, having also served as a member of the Specialist Committee of MEC's Higher Education Secretariat for Law. He is Coordinator of the Observatory of Law Teaching at FGV DIREITO SP. Adjunt Faculty at Gonzaga Law School (WA / USA) where he taught Jurisprudence and the Arts (2010) and Political Economy of Law and Development (2013). He was a visiting researcher at Wayne State University (Detroit-MI, USA), with a scholarship from CNPq. He is the author, among other works, of The World Out of Plumb: Social Transformation and Political Theory in Shakespeare (Almedina, 2011); The Moment of the Meeting: fundamental issues for legal education (FGV, 2012) and Narcissus in the classroom: new forms of subjectivity and their challenges for teaching (FGV, 2016). Full time Professor at FGV DIREITO SP (Undergraduate and Master).


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