Evan Berman

Imagem do Evan Berman

Professor in Public Management joined FGV EAESP. His research areas are public performance and management, comparative public management and public leadership. He spent the last 15 years in Asia-Pacific, received his Ph.D. at George Washington University in Washington, and is recipient of major research and received awards. These include the Fred Riggs Award for lifetime career achievements in International and Comparative Public Administration, the Distinguished Research Award, jointly awarded by the American Society for Public Administration and the Network of Public Schools for Politics, Affairs and Administration (NASPAA), the  H. George Award Fredrickson Award and the Outstanding Scholarship in Human Resources Public Management (ASPA). A creative mind and studious leader, he has published articles in all of the main international journals in public administration, 15 books, including the textbook “Human Resources Management in Public Service” Sage 2019, 6th ed. He has worked with government ministries and agencies and served on the editorial boards of journals and as journal editor. He is editor of book series (Routledge, Emerald). He is also currently an adjunct chair professor at Fudan University (Shanghai) and National Chengchi University (Taipei). Evan has over 30 years of experience at leading universities in the USA, Asia and New Zealand.