• Career Meeting

Annual recruitment event that usually takes place in August. Students get to know the participating companies, the desired profiles for candidates, career possibilities and the training and benefits offered.

Companies that wish to participate go through a selection process, because the vacancies are limited.

  • Career Week

Brings together FGV alumni who work in various segments to share their work experiences and show the wide range of opportunities for FGV students to explore.

The event usually takes place in the first semester, each day of the week is intended for a segment of Business Administration, such as Finance, Marketing / Commercial, Consulting, HR, Technology, Operations and Sustainability.

  • Recruitment Lectures

Conducted by FGV EAESP partner companies , which present their structure and open internship opportunities. They then start the selection process by applying an assessment that is considered the first step of the selection process.

  • Institutional Visits

Institutional Visits Held in FGV EAESP partner companies, presenting its structure and bringing FGV EAESP students closer to their work routine. In some cases, they conduct training or dynamics with visiting students.

For more information about the events, send a message to

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