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It is a program that brings together alumni and professors who donate to the Scholarship Fund. Through these processes, we are able to transform the future of young people who can make a positive contribution to changing society. Your collaboration will be included in the panel.

In 2019, FGV EAESP helped 294 students with funds from the Scholarship Fund, totaling R$ 11,086,599.78. The school also offered 194 free scholarships, enabling young people to fulfill their dreams of studying at FGV EAESP. This means that the institution stops receiving R$ 10,911,675.50 of revenue. In addition to these resources, R$ 1,435,760.00 was distributed in aid grants (food, housing, transportation, books).

To the students who need the most, the Scholarship Fund grants 20 extra food aid assistance. In the first semester R$ 51,480.00 was granted and in the second semester R$ 54,120.00

Escolha o valor da sua doação

  • Diamante
    A partir de R$5.000
  • Esmeralda
    De R$3.000,00 a R$4.999,00
  • Rubi
    De R$1.000,00 a R$2.999,00
  • Safira
    R$600,00 a R$999,00
  • Topázio
    De R$500,00 a R$599,00


  • Bianca Sincerre
    PhD student in Business Administration
  • Pierre Souza
    PhD student in Finance
Our philosophy

The FGV Scholarship Fund emerged in 1965 and was the pioneer in offering educational credit in Brazil. Since then, more than 25,000 scholarships have been granted to students with proven economic need.


How may the student use the resources?

The Scholarship Fund offers 20% to 100% monthly tuition assistance per semester. The Merit scholarship is awarded to the first placed students in the entrance exams.