EdTech Venture Day

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EdTech Venture Day


Google SP


Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 3477 - 18º andar Torre B

Data do evento



08:30 até 17:00


Um programa internacional, altamente competitivo, projetado para identificar e apoiar Startups com potencial de impacto sobre os desafios enfrentados pelas instituições de ensino médio e superior !


Technology is evolving faster than ever, affecting all industries. With Education is no different: trends such as Mobile Education, Immersive Experience, Internet of Things, Blockchain and Machine Learning will radically change the educational landscape worldwide, reshaping the nature of teaching and learning in the next decade. Such technologies, combined with new methodologies and new kinds of interaction will bring enormous challenges to society in terms of job-creation and sustainability. But they will also provide powerful opportunities to education institutions and its partner organizations, allowing countries to reach unprecedented levels of education.

With the aim of facilitating that process, IE University, FGV EAESP and Google organize the first EdTech Venture Day in São Paulo, a cutting-edge, highly competitive program designed to identify and support startups that have the ability to establish a positive impact on major challenges faced by educational institutions today.

In the coming months, we will select 6 start-ups based on their originality, financial viability, and ability to have a positive impact on major challenges for society, including secondary education, technical and professional education and higher education, among others.

Finalists will have the opportunity to pitch their projects to a selected audience in São Paulo composed of investors, government officials, business pioneers, and representatives of key educational institutions. They will also have the chance to meet world-leading experts in their fields and receive advice and insights and learn from best practices.

Our goal is to create real networking and investment opportunities for those entrepreneurs that have projects that can truly help all parties of the educational ecosystem in having better access to quality, sustainable and efficient technological tools and educational processes.

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